Polished expressions, deliberately exquisite, elegance and research of the detail mold themselves to give life to the SimonaB collection. Bright rays and beams of light irradiate the embroidery capturing the eyes of the beholder.

Vanity is intertwined with the simplicity and the desire becomes real, without mysteries or falsity, revealing in all its transparency.
An accurate research more and more oriented towards the attention to details where the accessory is put into the foreground (never randomly) and where the innovation takes on its own meaning and its own interpretation.
Elevate attention to the mix of most unusual elements like recycled rubber, high quality crystals and stones with lime effects embroidered on cotton lint, silk, chiffon and woven cottons.

Our products are oriented to that kind of clients that want their articles to be perceived as unique pieces, even with just small details but that make a difference.
SimonaB Collection's S.r.l.

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