The history of our company

Follow the timeline to discover the most important steps for our business year after year.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong

For us, the Hong Kong location represents an important new opening where we take care of customer order logistics through our production entities in Asia.

2007 - 2010

Los Angeles & New York

Los Angeles & New York

Since 2007 we are also present in Los Angeles and since 2010 in New York. In both cities we have a showroom useful for foreign customers to view the collections and order them directly on site.

Italy, India, China

Sedi operative

Operative offices

Our production cycle consists of 3 lines carried out in different countries: in Italy we produce trimmings, jacquard ribbons and woven components, in India we produce metric embroidery, patches and hand embroidered garments, while in China we produce technical articles with both synthetic and natural materials, elastic sports ribbons, buttons and many other accessories.


Lo show room

Lo showroom

E’ possibile visionare le ultimissime collezioni oppure personalizzarle a proprio piacere. Il nostro ufficio stile sarà lieto di trasmettervi tutta la propria esperienza per aprire qualsiasi forma di collaborazione presente e futura. Nel magazzino si possono visionare e scegliere articoli a stock in una vasta combinazione di forme e colori per apprezzare il fashion nella sua più totale varietà. 


Creazione azienda

Company creation

Simona B Collections is a company founded in 1998 that produces accessories for women's and men's fashion. The operational headquarters is in Carpi, famous fashion industrial pole, where we have a showroom, style office and warehouse in an area of 700 square meters.